Non-Local Pharmacy Drugs Policy Notice

I have resisted enacting this policy for a while but, unfortunately, the time has come. We will no longer fax prescriptions to outside pharmacies. Any prescription from a pharmacy that is not local must be picked up at our hospital, effective immediately. We will have a 1 business day (24 hours) turnover for this from this point forward so please give yourself plenty of time if you have a prescription/heartworm/flea/tick medication that needs to be filled by an outside pharmacy.

Why??? Because we have had SEVERAL instances of internet pharmacies telling our clients that we refused the prescription when we either:

a) did not receive a request or have sufficient time to fulfill the request. We have even had them actively call our clients within 30 minutes of our office receiving the faxed prescription request!


b) the prescription was faxed to and received by outside pharmacy and..... (our internet fax service tells us when a fax is successful so we know if it was received)

We will continue to work with our local pharmacies for any medication because, as I've mentioned, we have not had any problems here on the Outer Banks.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause but I feel that we must make this change. I cannot accept this level of disservice to our hospital or clientele any longer.


Dr. Jay Taylor